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After a seemingly never ending week full of pointless meetings, I can’t help but reflect on corporate life. Here are some of my reflections, part cynical, part truth, part hopeful, part just observations, more in amusement than annoyance.

Data can be a servant to the narrator

No one is a great leader everyday. Leadership is a choice that a person has to make everyday.

A leader who is visionary and inspiring in one situation may be absolutely ineffective in another.

Ego is very expensive for an organization

People ‘do’ less than 20% of their talk-quotient.

When judging your own performance, it always seems like you have moved mountains… when judging another’s,’ it seems like the environment conspired to make it happen.

Half – truths are lies

The trustworthy person is one who has personal integrity in thought, word and action

A leader with thinly veiled personal ambition of self-advancement can never be a good leader

A leader has to BE the values he wants to inculcate

A person who is unable to balance work and life is too uni-dimensional to be a good leader in the long run

I have never met a good leader who wasn’t a good person first

It is time to be concerned when perceptions become greater than reality

You can find fault with anything if you really want to

Logic doesn’t work with everyone

The more you try to procrastinate on something, the more it comes back to haunt you

Underperformance is very rarely an individual issue

It is amazing how often superior talent and effort still leads to no tangible outcome

Proving someone wrong is a waste of time and effort

What are some of your reflections on corporate life? Add to the list!

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3 thoughts on “Observations in corporate life”

  1. Could add a few more-What goes up has to come down, so do not be disheartened by downfalls.-Human Resource is the most critical resource in a Company.

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