8 questions to ask yourself as you ‘return to work’

What are your reflections and learnings over this last year? What are the questions on your mind as look towards the future you want to shape for yourself and your family?

These questions can lead to unexpected ‘a-ha’ moments as companies ask people to return to work ….

return to work

Am I Happy?

What aspects of work and life bring me joy?

Is it time to get to my ‘someday…’ list?

How do I do more of the things that bring me joy?

What is my purpose?

What is most important to me & why?

Am I spending time on what’s most important?

What does a life well lived mean to me?

What is meaningful work?

How can I do more of what I love?

How can I do less of less of what I hate?

How can I have greater impact and help those in need, who could use my skills?

Am I the best I can be?

Am I best I can be at home and at work?

Am I learning, growing and evolving as a person?

What does success mean to me? Do I need to redefine it?

Is my life balanced?

Do I live to work, or work to live?

How do I spend more time with my family and be there for the moments that matter most?

Is this how I want to work?

Why do I have to incessantly travel for work?

Why do I need to spend all these hours commuting?

How can I live and work from a place that inspires me?

Is this the right place for me?

Am I being myself everyday at work?

Is the company truly inclusive? Do I belong here?

Am I really being treated equitably in all aspects?

Is the company providing me the flexibility I need?

Is there more to work?

Are there other passions I want to pursue apart from work?

Do I need a side hustle?

Can my side hustle become a full time gig?

What are the other questions on your mind?

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