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Everything has changed, and yet nothing has changed

Class of ’23, prepare for wisdom from you 25 years ago! Armed with degrees, chai and Maggi-fueled memories, we stepped into the corporate world, clueless yet hopeful. Today, we’re IAS officers, teachers, entrepreneurs, couch potatoes, die-hard corporates, and weird podcast hosts. Each path unique, each fulfilling. Success isn’t one-size-fits-all, it’s about building a closet full of experiences tailored to you. So, explore, experiment, discover and remember there is no such thing like an ‘ideal career’. Cheers to your journey!

This hummingbird changed our life

2 years ago, we quit, relocated across the country to a tiny ocean side town…that we randomly (ish) picked on the map. That was the easy part. Here’s what happened next.

Shahana Banerjee on The Beyond Barriers Podcast

Shahana talks to Nikki Barua on the Beyond Barriers podcast and shares why she chose human resources as a career path, how to tell if you are actively managing your personal brand, and advice to CEOs who might be hesitant to embrace change and the new world of work.

power shift

Shahana Banerjee on The Power Shift Podcast

Shahana Banerjee talks to Dr. Sharon Melnick about how to find our power, how to be a change agent, how power works in an organization, how leaders can use their power to help people blossom, empowering leaders, some jaw dropping data, and a few stories

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