Who am I in a crisis?

Who are you in a crisis? How do you show up? Are you a giver or taker, maze or a map, island or a bridge, rainbow or a cloud? Explore this and more with the ONLY question you need to ask yourself in 2020.

How to be an inclusive leader

Inclusion is about the Power of Collective Genius that fosters innovation, problem solving, and unlocks progress. It is having the power to drive positive change. You think you are inclusive, but are you? Here are 5 tips to start your journey to be an inclusive leader.

What is your Diversity Quotient?

We all believe we appreciate diversity and are inclusive. But are we really? The journey to Equality has to start with an honest look in the mirror. Join me in exploring our Diversity Quotient.

group of people riding blue raft on body of water

What is real leadership?

Why we are more obsessed with leaders, than leadership? Why do we focus more on the individual, than the impact they have?

The power of RHETORIC

Why do we use rhetoric? What do they actually mean? Here is a light hearted take on today’s common rhetorics in corporate life.

The Power of Ambition

This is a story of how ambition transformed an underperforming business unit, stuck in a rut of its own limitations into a powerhouse of achievement.

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