Flexibility and Remote Work – What are employees thinking of?

Remote working of flexible working is not just about where the work happens. It is so much more… it is about the ecosystem that enables remote workers to be successful.

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Here are the kind of questions that employees have, and it is important that organizations work on robust culture interventions, systems, processes and policies that would enable the new ways of working to be successful in the long run.

How flexible is flexible and who decides?

Can I decide where to work from?

Can I decide when and why to be in the office?

Is this really a long term change or an experiment?

Are there any unwritten ‘rules’ to look out for?

Will I be treated the same as my onsite peers for growth opportunities?

Will I get as much visibility with decision makers?

Will I get access to the same training & development opportunities?

Will I have as much access to mentors & sponsors?

Will I have equal opportunity to shine through stretch projects & assignments?

Will I be able to grow/get promoted and advance as fast as my on-site colleagues?

Will my contributions be recognized equitably?

Will my manager think I am just as engaged when I work remotely?

Will I be paid the same for the same work?

Will my work be valued the same or will it be discounted?

Will remote working impact my work relationships?

Will my team make assumptions or stereotype me, my work, my commitment and contributions?

Will they continue to be cognizant & inclusive of remote workers?

Will they value my ideas and my voice as much?

Will they judge me for lack of physical presence?

We were productive at 100% remote work. Will it change when we are part remote, part on-site?

What are the other questions on your mind?

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