Ep 2 – Putting your team First with Joydeep Bose, Managing Director and Global Head of HR, Olam

Mindful Leadership Podcast with Shahana Banerjee : Episode 2

Great bosses help us thrive. Bad bosses are soul crushing. They have a enduring impact on us, especially early in our career. What does a great boss look like?

In this episode, we talk to one of the best bosses I’ve ever worked with, Joydeep Bose. He is the Managing Director and Global Head of Human Resources at Olam* – a relentless advocate of his people, a well loved leader, a mentor, a friend, and an inspiration to many.

Learn more about his story, and his journey to define who he wanted to be as a leader, how he leads with empowerment and trust first… even when the team hasn’t earned it yet, and his lifelong quest to “enable those around him”.

*Olam is a leading player in the food and agriculture industry, with revenues of over $30bn, over 75000 employees, with a presence in over 60 countries.

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Joydeep Bose is the Managing Director and Global Head of Human Resources for Olam International Limited. Joydeep has been with the company since 2003, joining it at a startup stage to set up the Human Resources function. Over the years the function has played a key role in the expansion of Olam growing from a privately held company with 2500 employees to a publicly listed company with more than 40,000 employees. Headquartered in Singapore, Olam is a leading food and agri-business supplying food, ingredients, feed and fiber to 25,200 customers worldwide. Olam’s value chain spans over 60 countries and includes farming, processing, and distribution operations, as well as a sourcing network of an estimated 5 million farmers.

Joydeep has extensive experience in the Human Resources field having worked in industries such as chemicals, technology, food and agriculture. His expertise is in the areas of organization performance enhancement, transformational change, mergers & acquisitions and lately venture capital incubation.
Joydeep plays an active thought leadership role in the Singapore human resources professional space. He has been a member of the HRD Workgroup of WDA, a Singapore government agency, working towards enhancing skills of Human Resource Professionals in the region. He was a member of the Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s HR Alliance and a member of Human Capital Leadership Institute’s CHRO Advisory Panel which comprises influential HR leaders from a wide range of industries. He is an invited member of the Educational Technology Alliance, a subgroup of the Emerging Stronger Taskforce set up by the Government of Singapore to guide the country’s economic recovery from Covid-19.

Joydeep has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA from XLRI, a premier Indian business school specializing in human resources management.



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