Ep 7 – Be your own sponsor with Reshma Ramachandran, Former Chief Transformation Officer, Adecco

Mindful Leadership Podcast with Shahana Banerjee : Episode 7

Have you ever worked in a place that had NO women’s restrooms?

Weirdly, both Reshma and I have! 

There are so many ways in which we exclude women, without meaning to.

As we swapped stories and reminisced about our early years, 2 things clearly stood out.

1. It takes a special kind of leader, to consciously chose the difficult option, even when they could’ve taken the easier one. They chose to break established traditions and status quo, and hire women for the first time.

2. It takes a special kind of woman, a pioneer, like Reshma, who had to have the strength and courage to carve their own way through these unfathomable challenges. 

These organizations wouldn’t be the market leaders they are today, without these pioneers.

Join me, as I chat with my friend and kindred spirit, Reshma Ramachandran, former Chief Transformation Officer of Adecco, a woman on a mission to help people discover their superpower and be their own greatest sponsor. 

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Reshma is  a Chief Transformation Officer. She is on the board of a FTSE 250 company based in Oxford, on the board of  World Woman Foundation Los Angeles USA and is based in Zurich, Switzerland. She is an Innovative leader with 20+ years’ experience working in multi-cultural teams and geographies including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia. She brings a wealth of experience in digital & business transformation. An IIT, SPJAIN, IMD (Switzerland) and Harvard (USA) alumnus, she has navigated the corporate lattice by consistently re-inventing herself and breaking stereotypes. Her previous employers include ABB, Alstom and Accenture. 

Reshma’s Awards & Recognitions (To name a few)

TEDx Speaker

Chair of the world woman agenda, world economic forum Davos, 2023

Featured in GLOBAL TOP 20 Ethnic Minority Executives 2021 & 22 by Yahoo Finance 

Digital Transformation leader of the year 2022 by Cognizant (finalist)

Top 100 global thought leaders & influencers to follow, 2020 &  2021

Digital Transformation leader of the year 2021 by Amazon web services (finalist)

Named as the Top 50 women in tech Thought Leaders & Influencers to follow in 2021

Real People Engagement Award Winner 2020, Switzerland

Featured in Forbes DACH for Leadership in Innovation

Finalist, Agent of Change – Global Women in Telco & Tech 2020

Featured in HERoes 100 Female Executives 2020 for Leading by Example

Mentor of the Year 2020, Gold Award by World Awards


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