S2E01 – ‘Not the Science Type’

with Jayshree Seth, Chief Science Advocate, 3M

40% said that their lives would be no different… WITHOUT SCIENCE‼️

(Survey by 3M)

It is easy to dismiss skeptics. It is immeasurably harder to have empathy for them, their fears and concerns. It is even harder to make the invisibility of science visible and tangible for people, and HUMANIZE science so that people can relate to it, and see how science enables every minute of their day.

If science was out in the world looking for an advocate, for someone to tell her side of the story, I have no doubt it would be Jayshree‼️

In this episode we dive into a mega dose of inspiration with Jayshree Seth, Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate at 3M. She holds 79 patents, is an author, tedx speaker, poet, music producer, and is on a mission to humanize science.

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About Jayshree Seth:

Jayshree Seth is a Corporate Scientist at 3M and currently holds 79 patents for a variety of innovations. She joined 3M in 1993 after an MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University, New York. Jayshree was appointed 3M’s first ever Chief Science Advocate in 2018 and is using her scientific knowledge, technical expertise and professional experience to advance science, and to communicate the benefits of science and the importance of diversity in STEM fields. 

She is also a member of Carlton Society which is the 3M Science and Innovation “Hall of Fame.” In 2020, she was awarded Society of Women Engineers (SWE) highest Achievement Award. She is also the first-ever winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the new Female Thought Leaders of the Year – category in 2021. Jayshree was featured in a docuseries titled Not the Science Type that premiered during the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. She is the author of the books, The Heart of Science – Engineering Footprints, Fingerprints, & Imprints, and The Heart of Science – Engineering Fine Print published by the Society of Women Engineers, and all sales proceeds go to a scholarship for underrepresented minority women in STEM. 

She is a sought-after speaker, globally, on a multitude of topics such as innovation, leadership and STEM advocacy, and has featured in local, national and international media. Jayshree serves on the Board of the Science Museum of Minnesota, Engineering Advisory Council for Clarkson University, Industry Advisory Council for American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Advisory Group of Aspen Institute Our Future is Science program.

Watch Jayshree’s TEDx talk:

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