Mindful Leadership Podcast: Season 1 Wrap Up

I thought no one was listening to my podcast, till I finally saw the stats‼️

Impressions : 168k +
Listens / views : 19k +
Likes/Reactions : 2400 +

Are these numbers good❓ I don’t really know❗️

What I do know is that we started a long overdue conversation about HUMANIZING leadership, and that seems to be resonating.

The MINDFUL LEADERSHIP Podcast is about leaders who:

Are Powered by their Purpose
Are Anchored in their Authenticity
Connect who they are to how they lead
Translate their purpose into everyday actions, consistently
Challenge status quo and existing paradigms
Do different things…differently

Deep meaningful conversations, that are raw, are RARE on podcasts. We see successful people, but never get a glimpse into the crossroads they were at, how they made choices that defined their life, what were they thinking, and why is it important to them. And that’s why this one is so special.

Here are the amazing leaders you’ll meet on our podcast in Season 1:

Josh Ghaim, Ph.D. – Founding Partner, Ignite Venture Studio, Fmr Chief Technology Officer at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Kenvue .
Joydeep Bose – Managing Director and Global CHRO Olam
Kevin Harley – Fmr CHRO Illumina, Founder & President Winesprings Consulting
Atul Khosla – CEO Leadership et Humanité (LEH), Fmr SVP Talent & Learning Mondelēz International
Katie Keating – Founding Partner and Co-CCO Fancy, LLC
Amy Turk – Director of Strategy and Innovation, Global Growth Hip Marketing, Johnson & Johnson MedTech
Reshma Ramachandran – Fmr Chief Transformation Officer Adecco
Steve Courington – Fmr VP Talent & Leadership The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Founder & Principal Consultant En@ble Growth
Dr Charisse Y. Sparks, M.D., FAAOS Sparks – Chief Medical Officer Inspire Medical Systems , Harvard Fellowship trained, Board Certified, Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon
Pat Hedley – Independent Board Director, Author, TEDx Speaker, Fmr Managing Director General Atlantic

Thank you for trusting a novice podcaster to help tell your stories. 🙏

Your authenticity shines through at every moment. You made a conscious choice to be open, explore difficult topics, share intensely personal stories and let …people… in.

The strength in your vulnerability, the courage in your conviction and the discipline in your resolve, inspires me everyday, and I know it inspires our listeners. 🙏

This wraps up Season 1. Season 2 launches on 12th Sept with Jayshree Seth, Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate at 3M, as our first guest.

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