Why did we start the Mindful Leadership podcast?

64% of podcasts DIE before episode 10* 😱… they warn me. As I read in horror, it adds to my skepticism of ever doing a podcast. This was a year ago.

We had just completed a major research effort around The HUMAN Future of Work (report available here). A significant theme that emerged was LEADERSHIP – both as a top enabler of people & performance as well as a top derailer.

Most of us fall into leadership. We rarely have the time or space to reflect on who we are, who we want to be as a leader, and what is the impact we want to have on our team. We rarely have the opportunity to do the inner work, that is necessary in our journey to grow as a leader.

As we face rising headwinds and expectations, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to operate. Leaders can quickly go from being busy and effective, to being too busy to be effective.

Imagine this : You have a beautiful flag in your front yard. It stands proud and shines brightly. Even in a storm, it stands tall… tethered, stable, resolute. Now imagine if it was untethered in a storm…

Just like the flag, leaders need a strong anchor. And the strongest anchor we have, is our authenticity, and it comes from having a clear purpose, values and a seamless integration between who we are, how we lead and how we translate our purpose into everyday actions.

But, how do we OPERATIONALIZE AUTHENTICITY? How do we translate intent into everyday actions?

Unfortunately, very few organizations focus on this inner work in the design of their programs.

We wanted to created a space for:

Leaders to share their story, their purpose, and how they live into their purpose by translating it into everyday actions
Deep, raw, honest conversations and stories of how they choose actions aligned to their purpose, even in the worst of situations
Learning to be an authentic leader, through the real life situations, crises, and lived experiences of amazing leaders

HUMANIZING leadership is the greatest unlock for the future of work…yet no one was talking about it!

It fueled us to start The MINDFUL LEADERSHIP Podcast – to share stories of authentic leaders who:

are Powered by their Purpose
Connect who they are to How they lead, and translate their purpose into everyday actions
challenge status quo and existing paradigms- create a different path for themselves and amplify their impact on society
they do different things…differently

You won’t find conversations like these anywhere, but here.

I am indebted to these leaders for trusting me, to help tell their stories – Josh Ghaim, Ph.D., Joydeep Bose, Kevin Harley, Atul Khosla, Katie Keating, Amy Turk, Reshma Ramachandran, Steve Courington, Charisse Y. Sparks, M.D., FAAOS and Pat Hedley. With these 10 episodes, we beat the somber stat, and wrap up our Season 1‼️ More on our stats in another post.

Learn more about Mindful Leadership and what we do here.

Listen to the Mindful Leadership Podcast here.

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*Data Source- Podcast industry Insights and Podcast Index : Apr 2021, Amplifi Media

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