The Human Future of Work Report – in video

The Human Future of Work Report 2022 cuts through the noise, identifies the missing link, and tells the whole story. The future of work is hi-tech, hi-flex and human. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reimagine the world of work, how work fits into people’s lives, and how we can unlock the infinity of human potential. Download the full report.

Join Shahana Banerjee as she walks through The Human Future of Work Report in these short video clips.

Ep 1: World of Work – Current State

Episode 1 – We talk about the state of the world of work, and the great resignation – what is happening, who is leaving and why are they leaving.

Ep 2: What People Want

Episode 2 – We talk about what people want from work.

Ep 3: The Empathy Gap

Episode 3 – We talk about why people and their leaders have significantly divergent views on the future of work, the Empathy Gap, and how their lived experiences contributed to it.

Ep 4: Leadership Crisis

Episode 4 – We talk about this Leadership Crisis and it’s impact on people at work, how these issues are amplified in remote and hybrid work, as well as the help that leaders are desperately seeking.

Ep 5: Remote work works

Episode 5 – We talk about when remote and hybrid works, and when it doesn’t.

Ep 6: Inflection Point

Episode 6 – We talk about all the forces pushing us towards the inflection point.

Ep 7: The Shifts

Episode 7 – We talk about the 3 key shifts that are needed for the future of work.

Ep 8: Human Centric

Episode 8 – Human centric design approach to the future of work

Ep 9: The Journey

Episode 9 – Where are you on the journey to humanize the future of work?

Ep 10: Empowering Teams

Episode 10 – A human centered approach to empowering teams

Ep 11: Humanizing Leadership

Episode 11 – An integrated approach to humanizing leadership

This report connects the dots between data and lived experiences, seemingly independent drivers and the ecosystem they fit into, and insights and evidence to actionable ideas and frameworks that will move the needle.

This report distills insights from hundreds of research papers, surveys, and publications, combined with our Listening Labs and C-Suite interviews.

How do these insights apply to your organization? Where are you on this journey to humanize the future of work? Are you looking to listen, uncover deep insights & co-create this journey? Start your journey using our signature methodologies – Listening Lab, World Cafe. Get in touch.

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