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The Power of Obvious Questions

We highlight the power of asking “obvious” questions in the workplace and highlights how it can lead to valuable insights. Shahana explains that too many workplaces accept the status quo instead of questioning why things function the way they do. Through a scenario about overwhelming meetings, she illustrates the need to continually question existing paradigms for better organizational design and functionality. Asking sharper questions can inspire crucial changes, enhance work culture and overall productivity.

Horrific Corporate Jargons

A CEO loves using the phrase ‘sacred cows’ to motivate his team, unknowingly he is being quite offensive. This is just one of many corporate jargons, used all so often, that can unintentionally offend so many people – from religious groups, to vegans, pacifists, animal lovers, the differently abled and even younger generations who just can’t relate. It is yet another reminder of how important mindful leadership is.

S2E02 – Striving for better with Sarena Lin, Former Chief Transformation and Talent Officer, Bayer

In the latest episode of the Mindful Leadership Podcast, we talk to Sarena Lin, a fantastic globetrotting exec and former Chief Transformation and Talent Officer at Bayer. From Taiwan to America at 13 with zero English, to carving out an impressive career spanning Ivy Leagues, renowned companies, and continents, she’s truly resilient. Sarena shared experiences and insights from her impressive journey.

Leadership Best Practices don’t make a great leader. But here’s what actually does.

The future of work demands mindful leaders, not just best practice followers. Effective leaders are those who authentically care, trust their team, and understand their impact. These leaders don’t just do things differently, they do different things altogether. It’s not about ticking boxes but making real connections and providing actual support. This authentic, purposeful leadership can be achieved through inner work, not just activities but meaningful outcomes. The discussion points out that Mindful leadership is the path to address the leaders’ burnout and the leadership challenge.

A powerful question to ask yourself

The post encourages mindful leadership, focusing on listening, fostering growth, caring for, fighting for, and celebrating team members. It highlights that leadership is about service, essential for future work success.

The growing impetus for a different kind of leader

A growing need for mindful leadership identifies the gap between leaders’ intent and impact. Embracing full human complexity is essential in workplace environments and is achieved through inner growth and authenticity, enabling teams to thrive.

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