In the post COVID future, will we be able to work from our dream location?

If you could work from anywhere in the world, where would you choose to be? Is remote working here to stay?

remote working

COVID-19 has forced us into the largest experiment of remote working in human history. It has surfaced unique challenges we couldn’t have dreamt about. It has also challenged our pre-conceived notions and paradigms on how and where work needs to be performed. As we ruthlessly prioritize our work, we are learning that jet setting around the world isn’t as critical to our jobs as we thought, large scale meetings and conferences aren’t the most productive, and meeting face to face isn’t the only way to get work done. We have been pleasantly surprised at just how much can be achieved remotely without missing a step. 

This remote working journey has been a proof of concept and a glimpse of what it possible. I hope it inspires us to go beyond, and explore even more radical ways of attracting the best talent from anywhere in the world, choosing to work from a place in the world that they love and that inspires them. May we all find our little piece of paradise. 

Join me in dreaming of what could be…

Where would you like to live and work out of that inspires you?

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