All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get

Just Human helps you design dynamic, lean & scalable organizations. We increase your organization effectiveness through creating pathways to high performance by simplifying ways of working and syncing roles, decision making & accountability

when thinking of organization design …

misalignment of structure to strategy, wastes resources

Organizations tend to over index on ease of implementation over drivers of performance. They rarely assess its effectiveness and whether it delivers on strategy

structure designed in a vacuum rarely delivers results

Structure is one part of an ecosystem that connects strategy to results. It is critical to adopt a comprehensive approach to include drivers of culture & performance while designing organizations

operating model can get in the way of agility & performance

Organization design can create unintended silos, bureaucracy, unhealthy internal competition, non value added work and non collaborative behaviors. It is critical to assess, diagnose gaps & continually bust silos, simplify ways of working and sync roles, decision making & accountability

Companies with effective organization designs are 3 times more likely to outperform their peers

McKinsey & Company

we help you …

design organizations that enable strategy

Establish design principles based on your strategy and the building blocks – structures, roles, governance, decision rights, measures, accountability & interdependencies

connect: drivers of performance ➔ operating model ➔ strategy

Align structure with rewards, talent & capabilities, ways of working & people processes. Continually assess the evolution of org design against delivery of results & future readiness

stay ahead of the increasingly dramatic shifts in the business landscape

We help you assess, diagnose & design targeted solutions to increase speed, reduce cost, adapt to stakeholder needs and empower your people

what we offer …

org design assessment

We help you diagnose your current operating model in the context of current business performance & future strategy

operating model design

We help you design a more effective operating model by linking to strategy, ensuring accountability and aligning with rewards, talent & capabilities, ways of working & people processes

org agility workshops

We help you engage your people to assess, diagnose & co-create targeted solutions that bust silos, simplify ways of working and sync roles, decision making & accountability

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