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Teams are the cornerstone of the future of work – Just Human helps you build inspired, high performing teams by adopting an integrated approach across work, collaboration & cohesion

high performing teams produce great results, but:

they are often unable to maximize both individual AND collective ownership

Teams struggle with lack of clarity on priorities, roles, goals, and ways of working. This results in team dysfunction manifested by lack of engagement, toxic behaviors and lack of collective effort towards common goals

lack of an integrated & structured approach reduces their effectiveness

Teams rarely take an integrated approach to the 3 cornerstones of team effectiveness – work, collaboration, cohesion. They also rarely assess, diagnose & improve on what’s working and what’s not. Team dysfunction multiplies in the absence of this

core building blocks of team effectiveness are not activated

There is not enough understanding of the drivers of team effectiveness & consequently, greater inconsistency in outcomes

teams need to be empowered to decide what, how, where & when work gets done, but they rarely are

Teams are finding it increasingly harder and more time consuming to get things done. Activities take precedence over outcomes. People expect organizations to redesign work, with teams at the center, empowered to make the decisions that impact them, delivering meaningful results without layers of pointless bureaucracy

The behaviors of highly engaged teams result in a 23% difference in profitability

Gallup State of the Workforce 2022

we help you empower your teams, to be at their best, individually and collectively by …

human centered approach to empower teams

Our human centered approach of empowering teams pivots from a unidimensional way of looking at tasks primarily, to a multi-dimensional and integrated way of how work actually gets done

the human energy framework

Our Human Energy Framework is anchored on 3 vectors – a. Meaningfulness & impact of the work teams do, b. Synergy of how they work together to deliver results and c. Cohesion i.e. the emotion they attach to their work, their teammates, their organization, and how they are treated. Each anchor has multiple drivers

targeted solutions for inflection points

We help design & deliver targeted solutions to impact key inflection points in your teams’ evolution.

what we offer …

team assessments

We help you assess the current state of your team effectiveness and the pathways to higher performance, leveraging our signature methodologies#

team coaching journeys

Custom built roadmap to breakthrough performance for founders & leadership teams, comprising assessments, workshops and consulting on key building blocks and barriers

team workshops

Custom built workshops for founders & leadership teams to increase team effectiveness across their lifecycle, especially at key inflection points

# Team Impact Index | Team Collaboration Index | Team Cohesion Index | Listening Labs | Live 360

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