Diversity wins

The only common thread between the stories of heartbreak and hope, those who caught the virus, and those who fought it bravely, is their diversity.


It is heartbreaking to see the devastation caused by Covid19. It is also immensely inspiring to see how communities have pulled together, and how everyday heroes have stepped up to lead the battle. There is one common thread between the stories of heartbreak and hope. Those who caught the virus, and those who fought it bravely, were uniform only in their diversity. No matter which country the virus traveled to, it had impact beyond her shores, spreading to other countries and continents, without regard to nationality, race or religion. As people got sicker, those who stepped up to help ; from doctors, nurses, hospital staff, to postal and delivery workers, shop keepers and retail staff, scientists, lab techs, factory workers, they are all diverse, and come from all walks in life. So while anyone may have been impacted by the virus, no one would have survived without the support of others. 

The pandemic has taught us how intermingled, intertwined and international our lives have become even when we don’t step outside.

To all those hemming and hawing, passively resisting true diversity and inclusion, it is important to understand that there is never going to be a homogeneous society ever again. Our only option is to figure out how to synergize our diversity to create value for the world -our survival depends on it. 

Thank you to our healthcare workers and frontline heroes, who have been a ray of hope, in these times, and are truly the best of us.

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