Ep 10 – Build your network authentically with Pat Hedley, Former Managing Director, General Atlantic

Mindful Leadership Podcast with Shahana Banerjee : Episode 10

Networking is superficial, transactional, and all about self promotion (ugh), I thought. I couldn’t have been more wrong‼️🤯

Pat loves networking. I hate it. It made for an exciting podcast full of busting myths,  stories and tips to network with authenticity. Here are just a few.


🚫 Myth : Networking is superficial, and transactional✅ Reality : Nope! The goal of networking is to learn someone’s “2nd story”, and build lifelong relationships.

🚫 Myth : Networking is about self promotion ✅ Reality : Nope! Networking is about curiosity, humility and a desire to learn. It works much better than trying to impress someone, especially senior execs.

🚫 Myth : Senior people don’t want to be bothered. Why would they spend time with me? What do I have to offer?✅ Reality : Senior people want to give back, and want to share their wisdom, but have to be approached in the right way. Your life experiences and your current vantage point is unique and hence, enough.

🚫 Myth : Networking is for extroverts✅ Reality : Nope. Pat describes herself as naturally reserved, intentionally curious. Her curiosity fuels her drive to network.

🚫 Myth : Networking is about the number of people you know✅ Reality : Networking is about the depth of those relationships. A small number of deeper relationships is better than a large number of superficial ones.

Pat Hedley is an Independent Board director, TedX Speaker, Author of ‘Meet 100 People’ and former Managing Director at General Atlantic. She is on a mission to help people overcome their reluctance and tap into the power of networks to learn and grow. 

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Pat Hedley is an investor, advisor, former managing director at General Atlantic and the author of Meet 100 People.

She is an independent director of Stax Consulting, advisory board director of Lone Pine Capital, and advises the CEOs of the Cranemere Group, Strongbow Consulting and three early-stage growth companies.  

Prior to her current role, Pat spent 30 years with global growth investor, General Atlantic, in several capacities including as an investor in the software and services industry, the global head of marketing, the global head of external human capital and the global head of talent for the firm. 

In 2017, Pat wrote Meet 100 People to encourage us all to proactively, and consistently meet people to learn and grow.

She began her career as a consultant with Bain & Company, is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in computer science and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.


Meet 100 People

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